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Kip Deeds
Web development & Design

“From artist to technologist”

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Design Statement

As a designer I am looking for optimum relationships between art and communication. This means matching the best approach or style with the client's needs. A problem solver first, I'm inspired by and propelled by the capabilities and challenges that new technology offer. This means creating intuitive high functioning user interfaces (UI) and more broadly optimal user experiences (UE). Whether determining information architecture priorities or making code eloquent and efficient, I bring detailed attention and care to each project.

For additional information view a current résumé or visit LinkedIn.

About Kip

Raised in Pennsylvania, I came to art through drawing and painting. Creating a website to showcase this art brought led me to web and interactive design courses. From HTML and CSS, I became passionated about coding and web development. Adding new skills in JavaScript and PHP led to freelance clients and then fulltime contracts. I am Knowledgeable and and adapt to frameworks, preprocessors, or graphics software. Currently, I am looking to work with Node and JavaScript frameworks such as Angular.

For additional information view a current résumé or visit LinkedIn.

Project Examples

Richard Cramer

This website features artist Richard Cramer's recent drawing series. Preliminary wireframing and other prototyping was completed in Adobe Illustrator and Fireworks. The site uses responsive and adaptive design (HTML5 and CSS3 coding) that allows for optimal viewing on a range of devices.

Art Sphere Inc.

As a website and design consultant for Art Sphere Inc. (a non profit in Philadelphia), my biggest acheivement involved merging two installations of WordPress into one. Sass was used to organize CSS code and a WordPress Child Theme was created to handle unique styles and features for the blog component of this site.

Dolphin Press and Print

This project involved redesigning and updating a website started by another designer and built with PHP. The home page and contact page were rebuilt to include new content and the image presentations were made active with PHP code.

Drawing & Painting Site

This site features my work in drawing, painting, and printmaking. The site uses adaptive/responsive design and will perform optimally on a range of devices. It was re-developed using Jekyll, Mustache.js, JSON data, and Ajax requests.

Graphics & Illustration


While most of my projects have been for the web, on occasion I have worked on print and illustration projects. Through work on a range of projects, for both web and print, I have become knowledgeable with a range of software including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, fireworks, and Photoshop.